Every item in RuneScape has a static value in coins predetermined by Jagex. This value is used in the following features in the game:

Note that this value stands apart from fluctuating Grand Exchange prices that items may also have.

Finding an item's value

  • For untradeable items, opening up the Items Kept on Death interface with only that item shows the value.
  • For Dungeoneering items, opening up the Price Checker shows the value.
  • For tradeable items, the high alchemy price $ \times \frac{5}{3} $ will give the value, so long as it is not rounded down.

Items with highest value upon release

The following are items that had the highest value in the game when they were released:

Item Value Release Duration
Ancient statuette 5,000,000 16 June 2009 Incumbent
Dragonfire shield 2,000,000 18 June 2007 729 days
Magic stone 975,000 31 May 2006 383 days
New crystal bow 900,000 7 February 2005 478 days
Shield right half 750,000 20 August 2003 537 days
Dragon battleaxe 200,000 27 February 2002 539 days
Rune platebody 65,000 23 September 2001 157 days
Rune platelegs & plateskirt 64,000 26 July 2001 59 days
Adamant platebody 16,640 4 January 2001 203 days

Exchange items with highest value

The following are Grand Exchange items that currently have the highest values in the game:

Item Value