Update News

This official news post is copied verbatim from the DarkScape website. It is copyrighted by Jagex. This update was added on 24 September 2015.

Thanks to your gameplay and your feedback, we've been busy pummelling bugs and honing DarkScape into a finely tuned machine of death.

Read on for details of the latest update - now live:

  • Players repeatedly killed by guards will now be placed in pillory boxes for 30 seconds, plus 30 seconds for each additional death. 
  • Players in pillory boxes can be attacked and will respawn in the pillory box, but they will grant no XP or kill count.
  • Risk levels of various dungeons now match the risk region in which they're situated.
  • Batwing armour is now tier 30, and mystic is now tier 50.
  • Players are now greeted with a more appropriate message on log-in.
  • A maple tree in the Medium-Risk area no longer loses its canopy with Remove Roof.
  • The Flash Powder Factory head icon now appears alongside PK skulls.
  • The Grand Exchange interface can no longer be smuggled to non-GE areas.
  • Ranalph Devere now drops his heart crystal piece in Legends' Quest.
  • The Blood Pact can now be completed while the Path System is active.
  • Fayeth now takes payment for looking after the farming patch behind Lumbridge.
  • It is no longer possible to get duplicate strange rocks in different risk areas.
  • The Combat Settings tab no longer becomes detached when opened.
  • The Crucible lobby, Killerwatt plane, Ports and Death's office are no longer High-Risk.
  • Lumbridge Swamp Cave is now accessible again.
  • The Lumbridge/Draynor Task 'A Grave Consideration' can now be completed by speaking to Father Aereck.
  • Scorpions in Ardougne Zoo are now less aggressive.
  • Jungle spiders are now less aggressive.
  • Tortoises around Tree Gnome Village are no longer aggressive.
  • Cannons in Barbarian Assault will no longer hunt for players.
  • Dragon daggers now deal the same amount of damage as dragon scimitars.
  • For new players, the interface defaults to the Retro layout.
  • Players can now give Tindel his comfy mattress.
  • The 10th Squad sigil from Monkey Madness now requires the player to be standing in a High-Risk area to use the teleport.
  • Runespan points are now awarded upon death, if the player is killed.
  • Sacred clay weapons' stats have been reduced.
  • Players can now buy exquisite clothes from Vermundi in The Giant Dwarf quest.
  • Dropped items are now visible to all players immediately.
  • Loot Share has been enabled on all DarkScape worlds.

Enjoy, and be sure to give us your feedback over on Reddit or on the forums.

The DarkScape Team