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Skull The skull effect is caused by attacking any player without them attacking you first, looting from a wilderness warband camp, or by asking Mr Ex in Edgeville. Note that unlike in RuneScape, entering the abyss will not skull you.[1] The effect wears off after 5 minutes.[1]

Attacking a player without them attacking you first will generate the following game message: "WARNING: You have been flagged for attacking an innocent player. Guards will now attack you on sight. This skull will last 5 minutes or until your next death."

While skulled, any death will cause you to drop all of your items. If you are using the Protect item prayer, you are able to keep your most valuable item. If skulled you are attackable by multiple people depending on threat zone, compared to unskulled players where only one person at a time may attack them.

Killing Notifications

  • Well done, you've pwned [Name].
  • The gods smile on you as [Name] meets his/her demise.

Guards and punishments

Pillory boxes

Player thrown into a pillory box after being caught by a Guard multiple times.

Guards found in low and medium threat areas guard areas near banks and city gates. Upon spotting a skulled player, guards will attack them. Guards can use EOC abilities as well as Smite, draining the players prayer points.[2]

Warning level is a feature that penalities Player Killers who get killed by guards when skulled repeatedly. The level has an initial of Level 0. Each death by this method increases 1 Level, to a maximum of 7, while time not killing players decreases the level to eventually 0.

Once a player gets to Warning level 3 or above he is thrown in the pillory boxes for certain period of time, shown as followed:

  • Level 3 - 30 seconds
  • Level 4 - 60 seconds
  • Level 5 - 90 seconds
  • Level 6 - 120 seconds
  • Level 7 - 150 seconds

Getting killed by any reason other than by guard, or getting killed by guard while not skulled do not increase warning level.


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