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In the world of DarkScape getting gold can be much more difficult than in the original game. So in this wiki page we list multiple methods in different categories on simple methods to earn gold with ease.

Player vs Monster

  • Spider silk (This method consists of you going to the Lumbridge Catacombs which require you to do The Blood Pact.)
     Go to Lumbridge Catacombs where you will find many spiders to kill, which always drop Spider silk. (Value: 237gp)
  • Killing Black Knights can end up in a good profit due to most people not having enough combat skill levels to equip better-than-black armor. Platelegs, platebody, and 2h sword can sell in the grand exchange for up to 2,000 coins and full helm can sell for 1,000-1,500 coins. The drop rate of each item is 1/15-1/25. Probably the best place to kill these monsters is inbetween of Draynor village and Wizards' tower (west of the summoning obelisk and east of the pale wisp colony). There is only one Black knight to spawn and most of the times you will face competition to kill them but it spawns in several (5-7) ticks.
  • Players with 15 Slayer can kill Banshees while simultaneously doing Slayer Contracts to earn a nice sum of gold. Killing them in batches of 160 yields 37k per contract, which can be repeated indefinitely, and they also drop piles of gold anywhere from 500-1.4k.To kill them you must buy some earmuffs from a slayer master. if you do not wear this your stats will be drained by the banshees scream.
  • Killing Spiritual mages in the God Wars Dungeon can be very profitable, as they often drop battlestaves. One could earn up to 1,500,000 coins an hour by this method. Their combat level is 98, and their weakness is Ranged. It is recommended to use The Alchemy spell on the staves.
  • Raise your slayer level. The higher slayer monsters drop higher amounts of gold coins.


  • There is demand for fish, ore and logs of all kinds.
- Maple logs sell for over 75 gp each on the grand exchange.


  • Quests give BULK xp of all kinds, you can pretty much get lvl 50 ALL STATS just doing quests from lvl 4 and make a load of gp.
  • Thieving H.A.M Members for Clue scrolls. Doing those clue scrolls is a great way to get many valuable rewards. (Requirements: 15 Thieving)
  • Enchant jewelry (there is a demand for any and all kinds).
    1. 1 Best method: Slayer creates 400m-1b during the road to 99.
  • Make Plank spell profits 27m+ to 99
  • Iron ore/Coal/Steel/Cannon Balls


Ashes sell for 250gp each.