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Miniquests are similar to quests and subquests in that they are groups of interrelated tasks that can be completed for rewards such as items, skills, experience; however, they are not listed in the quest journal, and no quest points are given and miniquests are somewhat short compared to regular quests. Like quests, miniquests may be done only once, as opposed to minigames, which can be played many times. Many of these miniquests are hidden updates and are not shown on the update page. Having completed all miniquests is one of the requirements for the Trimmed Completionist cape.

Name of Miniquest Requirements Rewards How to Start Members only?
Abyss Rune Mysteries Unlocks Abyss

Unlocks Runecrafting pouches
1,000 Runecrafting-icon.png experience

Talk to the Mage of Zamorak at the end of the River Lum in the Wilderness (Level 5) Yes
Balloon Transport System Enlightened Journey Unlocks additional routes on the Balloon Transport System

2,000 Firemaking-icon.png experience

Travel from Entrana to the desired destination Yes
Barbarian Training See Barbarian Training requirements Unlocks Barbarian skills Talk to Otto Godblessed, located in his house near the Baxtorian Falls Yes
Bar Crawl None. Unlocks Barbarian Outpost Talk to a Barbarian Guard outside the Barbarian Outpost Yes
Capers Buyers and Cellars Unlocks:
  • Thieving Guild Version 2
  • Thieving Guild Version 3
  • Thieving Guild Version 4
Talk to Lightfingers in the Thieves' Guild Yes
The Curse of Zaros Started Desert Treasure The Ghostly robes Talk to the Mysterious ghost (Valdez) near Glarial's Tomb Yes
Desert Slayer Dungeon Smoking Kills

70 Slayer-icon.png

4,000 Slayer-icon.png experience Enter a barrier on the lowest level of Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon Yes
Doric and Boric tasks What's Mine is Yours

75 Smithing-icon.png
60 Mining-icon.png

183,500 charges for the Gofannon amulet

13,000 Mining-icon.png experience
48,000 Smithing-icon.png experience

Talk to Doric and Boric Yes
Enchanted key Making History

Meeting History

See Enchanted Key rewards Check the Enchanted key to see if it is heating up Yes
Fur 'n' Seek Wishlist Fur 'n' Seek, see article for more requirements and recommendations. Bonesack(e) OR Ram Skull Helm(e)

10,000 Slayer-icon.png experience
7,000 Prayer-icon.png experience
Ability to fight the Skeletal Horror once a week for additional experience.

Read the wishlist on the Odd Old Man's shack after the completion of Fur 'n' Seek. Yes
The General's Shadow Fight Arena

The Curse of Zaros
Started Desert Treasure

The shadow sword

2,000 Slayer-icon.png experience.

Speak to the Ghost near Rellekka house portal while wearing a Ghostspeak amulet and Ring of visibility Yes
Hopespear's Will Land of the Goblins

Started Desert Treasure

13,750 Prayer-icon.png experience Talk to Hopespear Yes
Hunt for Surok What Lies Below 5,000 Slayer-icon.png experience

Ability to slay Bork
Ability to wear Dagon'hai robe set

Speak to Surok by the statue of Saradomin, east of Varrock Yes
Knight Waves Training Grounds King's Ransom 20,000 experience in Attack-icon.png, Defence-icon.png, and Strength-icon.png

Ability to change the respawn location to Camelot
Access to 4 new Prayers: Chivalry, PietyAugury and Rigour

Go to the top floor of Camelot Castle. Yes
Koschei's Troubles Blood Runs Deep

Ritual of the Mahjarrat

Upgraded balmung and 30,000 21x21px experience Lamp

Full rewards require level 90 Strength-icon.png and level 90 Prayer-icon.png

Talk to Thorvald the Warrior Yes
The Lair of Tarn Razorlor Haunted Mine

40 Slayer-icon.png

5,000 Slayer-icon.png experience

Ability to create a Salve amulet (e)

Talk to Odovokar the banker in the Abandoned Mine Yes
Mahjarrat Memories Koschei's Troubles

60 21x21px

375,000 21x21px experience after returning all 15 memories

150,000 21x21px bonus experience
A Tiny Lucien pet
Dr Nabanik's old trilby cosmetic override
Two titles: Pontifex and Legatus

Talk to Kharshai under Thorvald the Warrior's house. Yes
Mogre None. Ability to slay Mogres (requires 32 Slayer-icon.png) Speak to Skippy located south east of the town of Rimmington Yes
Purple cat Swept Away The ability to turn cats purple Talk to Wendy No, but you must be a member to claim the reward
Rag and Bone Man Wishlist Rag and Bone Man See page Read the wishlist on the Odd Old Man's shack after the completion of Rag and Bone Man Yes
Returning Clarence Started Back to my Roots 10,000 Magic-icon.png experience

200 blood and 100 law runes

Go to the Magic Guild and ring the bell to make Zavistic Rarve come out, talk to him to start the miniquest Yes
Rogue Trader Rune Mysteries

The Feud or
Itchlarin's Little Helper

Runes at cheaper prices than normal

Desert outfits
Menaphite clothing
Defensive and Offensive blackjacks
Magic Carpet rides at discounted prices

Talking to Ali Morrisane Yes
Scabarites Notes Dealing with Scabaras Receiving 10,000 coins

Scabarite Notes

Talk to the Head Archaeologist at the Archaeologist camp to start the miniquest Yes
Sheep Shearer None 2,000 coins

150 Crafting-icon.png experience

Speak to Fred the Farmer in Lumbridge No
Stronghold of Player Safety None 10,000 coins

Safety Gloves
Safety First emote
2 antique lamps that give 500 experience each

Enter the Stronghold of Player Safety No
Stronghold of Security Have recovery questions set (formerly); None 4 new emotes

10,000 coins
Fancy boots or Fighting boots

Enter the Stronghold of Security in Gunnarsgrunn. No
Thalassus Deadliest Catch 46,660 Hunter-icon.png experience Speak to Jones in the Fishing Guild after Deadliest Catch Yes
Upgrading the Ivandis Flail Legacy of Seergaze Imbues the Ivandis flail with an extra invisible bonus against the Vyrewatch Complete the Legacy of Seergaze quest Yes
Varrock Museum None (Requires The Dig Site to complete) Experience in Mining-icon.png, Crafting-icon.png, Hunter-icon.png, Prayer-icon.png, Slayer-icon.png and Smithing-icon.png

Some experience lamps
Ability to enchant Digsite Pendants

Speak to a Natural Historian Yes
Wandering Ga'al The Brink of Extinction

Desert Treasure

Ability to read the bookcase in the Fight Cauldron Donate to the Tokkul coffer Yes
Witch's Potion None. 325 Magic-icon.png experience Speak to Hetty in Rimmington No

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