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The low threat area of DarkScape encompasses most of the beginners areas including Lumbridge, Al Kharid, Varrock, Falador, Burthorpe, and Taverley.

There are large numbers of Guards in the towns, and some guards patrolling the routes between towns.

Risk Level

Any player may attack another player, as long as they are within your combat level range. The range is calculated by taking your current user level, and adding or subtracting the current risk level you are in.

The minimum Risk level is 1 and is found at the center of the three major cities: Lumbridge, Falador, and Varrock. The risk levels increase the farther away from center city. The maximum risk level found in the low threat area is 29 found at the very south-west point of Mudskipper Point.

For example, in Risk Level 1, a player who is level 100 can attack players who are level 99, level 101 or the same level. Also, if a player who is level 100 is in Risk Level 24, they are able to attack players between level 76 and level 124 combat.

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The various combat level colours:

  • Green - Much Lower in Combat level.
  • Lime 1 - A medium amount lower in Combat level.
  • Lime 2 - A small amount lower in Combat level.
  • Yellow - Equal in Combat level.
  • Orange 1 - A small amount higher in Combat level.
  • Orange 2 - A medium amount higher in Combat level.
  • Red - Much Higher in Combat level.
  • White - Cannot attack (i.e. outside the Combat level range.)

Available resources

The low threat area is very limited in the kind of resources that can be gathered and is largely restricted to low levels Rocks, Trees, and Fish.

(here be table for resources found, e.g. runescape:Mining_site)


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