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There is a large number of differences between DarkScape and RuneScape 3. Below is a list of major differences between the two game version only. The list contains the most important changes that a player will come across when coming from RuneScape 3. This is not an exhaustive list.


  • Bank Guards and Town Guards will drain their opponent's prayer dramatically in combat, almost always enough to completely drain the player's prayer points.
  • Some faction NPCs (like the Gnome Guards at the Tree Gnome Stronghold) will attack any player wandering near them.
  • Some dungeon NPCs are also aggressive.
  • Ardougne and Wilderness Volcano have extra Grand Exchanges.

Travel Costs

  • Charter ships cost 100x more than normal.
  • Gnome gliders cost 2 Planks and 2 Bolts of cloth.1 (A Strip of cloth may not be used.)
  • Spirit trees cost 1 set of Root cuttings, made by using a knife on Roots from farming.
  • Fairy rings cost 1 Mort myre fungus. (Make sure to bring enough for a return trip)
  • Mine carts cost 10 Coal to use.
  • Balloon transport system requires 10 logs per travel instead of 1.
  • Weight has more effect on your run energy, your run energy depletes faster, and recharges more slowly. It functions identically to Old School RuneScape.


  • Lodestone teleports cannot be used if you are carrying any items.
  • Other teleports (spells, items, etc) can only be used if destination has higher or the same threat level, if carrying items. Runes used to cast a spell will count as carried.
  • Every teleportation spell takes 10 seconds to cast, and is not interrupted by combat. However teleportation spells could be interrupted, if you have auto-retaliate on.


  • Entering the Abyss does not skull a player.
  • A skulled player will remain skulled for 5 minutes.

Relocated Bosses

Queen Black Dragon

  • Grotworm Lair has been moved to Deep Wilderness, just West of Mage Arena

Kalphite King

  • The Exiled Kalphite hive has been moved to the North-West region of Mos Le Harmless.[1]

Ascension Dungeon

  • Moved to Tirannwn, south of poison waste.

Living Rock Caverns

  • Moved to the Haunted Mine in southwest Morytania.

Skills and Components


  • Spirit shards may no longer be sold in shops or to the pet store owner through dialogue.



  • There is only one Alchemy spell instead of Low and High.
  • Alchemy rewarded coins for rune weaponry are reduced.


  • The South-West Swamp Mine in Lumbridge has been downgraded, now stocked with 7 Tin ore rocks, 4 Copper ore rocks, and 2 Silver ore rocks.
  • The Mining Guild now contains only coal.


  • Dungeoneering has been completely disabled.
  • The ring of kinship cannot be used to teleport to Daemonheim, and the boats between Al Kharid, Taverley and Daemonheim have been disabled.
  • Attempting to use skill lamps to gain Dungeoneering XP results in the lamp being lost, to no effect.



  • Seers Village no longer has Yew or Magic Trees.
  • Magic Trees have been moved into the Wilderness.
  • A single Yew tree can be found in Zanaris next to the bank.
  • A single Yew tree can be found just south west of Ottos house near the Barbarian outpost.
  • Yew trees can be found in the Zanaris market place. Costs one cut diamond to enter (unless Fairy Tale Part III has been completed).