The Grand Exchange Tax or GE Tax is a fee taken from your profits when you sell items on the GE. Depending on your membership status and which GE you are using, you will be taxed at a different rate. Buying items is not taxed.

GE Tax 1.png
GE Tax 2.png

The tax is taken from the seller upon a successful transaction. Canceling a transaction does not incur any tax. The amount of tax a seller pays depends on the seller's membership status (free-to-play or pay-to-play) as well as the threat area the GE is in following the table below:

Threat area F2P Tax P2P Tax
Low threat area icon.png Low 20% 10%
Medium threat area icon.png Medium 10% 5%
High threat area icon.png High 5% 0%


Since the release of DarkScape, most of the trading took place at the Grand Exchange located in the low threat area. On 2 November 2015, the Grand Exchange tax was introduced in order to incentivize people to use the GEs located in higher threat areas.

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