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Location on World Map
Deep Wilderness Dungeon

Deep Wilderness Dungeon entrance map

The Deep Wilderness Dungeon can be found just west of the Mage Arena. It can be entered from an abandoned house in deep Wilderness by going down a set of stairs. As this area is in the Wilderness, players may enter the dungeon and attack other players. At the end of this dungeon is the Grotworm Lair.

The dungeon can only be traversed in a clockwise direction, as at the end of the dungeon there is a dead end. There are gates separating each monster. A grimy guam spawns in the hill giant room, and a single-dose attack potion spawns in the shadow spider room.

The fire giants in the dungeon are a great way to use combat brawling gloves.



  • When the dungeon was released, players could teleport out of it, despite it being deep in the Wilderness. Jagex quickly fixed this.

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