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Need Help!

DarkScape needs a map outlining the Wilderness high level resources for referencing. --Zeaphyr (talk)

I have generate an empty Map of DarkScape but the wikia refused to handle my large file (6,500x5,500), it literally errored out. And Since imgur compresses the image and distorts it, I've temporarly uploaded it here [1] It's quite different from the RS3 map (e.g. no crater, walls around Edgeville, et al). --Red Brick (talk) 04:15, September 18, 2015 (UTC)
     Thanks for the reference. I can start cropping bits out and set up some maps for the three Grand exchanges as well as Wilderness resources and their precise location.
     I can reduce the size of the image, though that will of course mean the quality of it will go down. -Kent Knifen