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Barricades are deployable combat elements used to block routes. Barricades can be made using the Fletching skill using a log and a rope. Additionally they may be bought from other players or from the various barricade shops across DarkScape. Barricades have their own Lifepoints and may be damaged by other players by burning them.


Barricades were introduced into DarkScape as a means of blocking a route. A player can deploy up to 5 barricades at any given time. Barricades will automatically collapse after 20 minutes or if the player logs out or leaves the area.

Barricades have their own lifepoints ranging from 500 to 60,000 depending on the type. Barricades may be damaged and subsequently collapse by being burned. The higher the firemaking level, the better the player's chance at inflicting damage. A burning barricade may be extinguished by pouring water on it. If a guard tries to walk through a barricade, he will destroy it.


Barricades can be made using a variety of logs and Fletching levels:

Type Level Lifepoints
Wooden barricade.png Wooden barricade 13 500
Oak barricade.png Oak barricade 28 2,000
Willow barricade.png Willow barricade 42 5,000
Maple barricade.png Maple barricade 58 12,500
Yew barricade.png Yew barricade 73 25,000
Magic barricade.png Magic barricade 88 40,000
Elder barricade.png Elder barricade 98 60,000